Our Programs

Our Key Compentance

Women Empowerment Initiative

Empowering women is Empowering the Home. Initiatives are in place to support women in their various homes and businesses. The Women have various initiatives like; Dressmaking, Hair dressing, Solar Cookers, Basketry, Screen Printing among others.

Guidance & Counselling

This involves sessions between our counselors and the students. The informative discussion design session involves peers talking to their siblings about life challenges and how to overcome them. Students freely interact with the team and share their experiences.


Sato Leo! is a phrase that refers to Sanitary towels today. As such we provide Sanitary Towels on every session we visit the schools. We through partnerships with organizations like Chandaria Industries and well wishers make sure that we have a year’s supply of sanitary towels to all the students in the program. Besides, during the visits, our female colleagues underscore the need for observing hygiene and demonstrate how to use the Towels. Most importantly they remind the ladies that it is okay to be girls. This raises their self esteem.

Community Resource Center

CRESS Kenya has set up a Community Resource Center where slum communities will acquire computer skills free of charge. They will also get information on human rights, entrepreneurship, violent extremism and youth radicalization among others. There will be online books for Reading by school going children and youth; TV sets for news, Rooms for Counseling & Mentorship, Rooms for Homeless, equipment for recreation and tools for supporting the people. Our objective is to have a community center where people can freely interact.

Creative World!

At Creative world, CRESS Kenya allows participants to identify their areas of interests and uniquely participate in their own initiatives.


We meet donors and match them with needy students for sponsorship opportunities. When the Sponsor meets the students their is JOY all over!